Room 208's Classroom Website


Welcome to our classroom website! This is so exciting! Even though we're learning together at home, we're still learning together. If you look at the top of this website you'll see the words Reading, Math, Science, Social Science, and Writing.  Do you see them?  If you click on each of the subject words, you'll be able to work on your assignments for that day. If you, or the grown up who's with you, have any questions, you can send them to me through our Class Dojo account. 


Remember to be kind to your families, to wash your hands through the ABC song, and don't forget to listen to the people who are watching you while you're learning from home...They can tell me to give or take away Dojo points yes. Parker and Piper have already lost some Dojo points because they don't have very good listening ears right now! I will miss you and can't wait to see you when we're back together.  


Be the best  "you" that you can be!


Mrs. Smith